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If you are looking for a job at Pixar Animation Studios please visit the Pixar Jobs web site.

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About Don Shank

Don Shank attended the animation program at the California Institute of the Arts. He went on to work at a variety of animation studios on many projects including "Ren & Stimpy", "Dexter’s Lab" & "Samurai Jack". He has done design and art direction for feature animation including "The Incredibles", "Up", "Inside Out" & "Finding Dory". Don was also the Production Designer of the Pixar short film "Day & Night" as well as "The Powerpuff Girls" TV show for seasons 2 through 4. Don has earned an Annie and 2 Emmy awards for his work in animation. He is currently working at Pixar Animation Studios and lives in California with his wife and two beautiful daughters.

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Shipping & Handling

Shipping for Original Art

- Shipping for Original Art is Free to all locations.

- Please allow two weeks for shipping.

- Original Art will be wrapped in an acid free bag and carefully and securely packed into a firm cardboard box.

Shipping for Prints

- Please allow two weeks for shipping.

- All prints will come sealed in a plastic bag which is taped to a firm cardboard backing to prevent bending or folding. This is placed inside a firm "stay flat" cardboard envelope.

- Shipping is currently set at the following flat rates...

Shipping Destination Shipping Cost
USA Free
Australia (US) $15
Canada (US) $8
Germany (US) $14
UK (US) $14
All Other Countries (US) $12

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Sales Tax

Sales tax will be added only for California residents at the rate of 8.75% (this is the current rate for Alameda County)

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About the Prints


All are high quality Giclée prints on 100% Cotton Rag Acid Free Paper.

The prints are not signed unless specified otherwise - or, you may request it.
I am happy to sign any print, just mention it in "add special instructions to seller" option of the Paypal purchase process. I will place my signature in the white border surrounding the printed image. Please note that some prints are designed to bleed behind a frame or matte and if you want the signature to show in these cases you will need to have a custom frame job.

Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition prints will be signed and numbered with the quantity of the print run. Limited Edition prints will NOT be reprinted. Once a Limited Edition print is sold out it will not be available again.

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About the Original Art

This section is in progress. More info coming soon...

Signed Original Art

All the Original Art sold here is hand painted by Don Shank and signed by the artist.


- Clean with a soft fine-hair brush.
You can clean the paintings that are not framed behind glass by dusting it with a soft fine-hair brush (like a soft watercolor brush)

- Varnish can be removed if needed.
For those paintings that are varnished I use Soluvar brand gloss varnish which is removable. Under normal conditions you should never need to remove the varnish, but if the need were to arise it can be removed.

- Don't hang in direct sunlight.
For those paintings that are varnished you have the extra benefit of the UV protection that is in the varnish, however I strongly suggest not hanging the paintings in direct sunlight to protect it from sun damage.


- Standard framing with 1/4" bleed vs. floating.
Standard framing stock overlaps the artwork by roughly 1/4". Most of my pieces, especially the larger pieces, have taken this frame overlap into account, however I would strongly suggest a floated frame style, or a frame stock that hugs the sides of the canvas or panel.

- Frame Acrylic paintings that are painted on panel or canvas like an Oil painting, no glass.
My Acrylic paintings that are done on Canvas or Wood Panel are usually varnished and are intended to be framed like an Oil painting with no glass.

- UV protection glass recommended.
My Gouache or Watercolor paintings (either on paper or wood panel) are water soluble and I strongly suggest framing them under UV protection glass.

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